The name

The Name

About 20 years ago I started a small business of my own.

I called it "De Pauw" which means "The Peacock".

I had a logo made that consisted of a peacock, holding a female catcin of an Alder in his beak. The Flemish name of Alder is Els. When you combine "Pauw" and "Els" you have Pauwels, which is my last name.

When I was contemplating about a new name for my style, one of my friends suggested to use "something personal", added with either jujutsu or goshin jutsu and also the word "ryu" which means school or club.

On another occasion I asked a Japanese friend what peacock is in Japanese and he replied: kujaku.

And there was my name:

kujaku (peacock) 孔雀

+ ryu (club) 流

+ goshin (self protection) 護身

+ jutsu (art) 術

A couple of years ago I had the logo modernised, but still keeping in mind the original meaning.

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