I started with ju-jutsu in 1974 in Satori Kwai Mortsel where I had my first lesson on 31-03-1974.

In 1975 my club joined the Belgian Federation of Jiu-Jitsu Practitioners, where I earned my 1° dan on 20-04-1980.

Looking for a federation with more possibilities we joined the Belgian Ju-Jitsu Federation in 1982.

In 2000 there was the formation of the Flemisch Ju-Jitsu Federation (VJJF) to which we still belong to this day.

Since 2005: General Technical Director of the VJJF

Since 2012: Honorary Technical Director of the VJJF

Some other grades.

Karate: 1° dan on 11-10-1997

Judo: orange belt

Aikido: white belt

Escrima: madunong guro (IKAEF)

               pangulong guro (Cinco Tero Escrima)

Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jitsu: yudansha

So, why compose something new?

After so many years and especially so many influences I came to the conclusion that 'my jujutsu' was no longer the same as that of my colleagues in the federation.

That's why I choose a new name for my way of practising this wonderful martial art: Kujaku Ryu Goshin Jutsu. If you want to know more about it, then check "The Name".

Oops, that's a long time ago!

Some dates.

My dangrades in jujutsu:

1° dan: 20-04-1980

2° dan: 13-05-1984

3° dan: 07-04-1987

4° dan: 27-05-1990

5° dan: 03-04-1993

6° dan: 17-05-1998

7° dan: 02-05-2004

8° dan: 08-05-2010

9° dan: 09-04-2016

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